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When installing Event Lighting we use LED bulbs so it is extremely rare that a bulb to blow. If 1 bulb is out others will stay lit. We also leave a couple of extra. We keep our phones handy and do our best to respond to any issues quickly.

What happens if a bulb goes out?

A good average is 3-6 hours on site. Please ask during your consultation for more info.

How Long Does Installation Take?

When do you install?

Our standard policy is 1-3 days prior to your event. For safety we never like to work over other vendors. We can do day of installation if needed.

When do you teardown?

Our standard policy is 1-3 days after your event. We will work within your venue requires. We can do night of event teardown starting at $250.

Will you put holes in my building?

We rarely use if ever any type of screw, nail, staple, or thumb tack to hang anything. Upon the rare occasion that we do need to use some type of fastener we will get written permission and will know when the quote is written.

Do use use Adhesives?

We do occasionally have to use adhesive. We have years of experience that we use to hang things without damaging finishes. 

Event Lighting
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